Re: Finding a death Certificate #general

Sharon R. Korn <s.r.korn@...>

Larry Rubin has been unable to find his ggf's death certificate in the NYC
Death Index. I also tried unsuccessfully for a very long time to find my
ggf's death certificate. In his case, he died where I knew he had lived, in
Brooklyn, but there were many listings for his very common name (Jacob
JACOBSON) in the Index and I couldn't figure out the right one. I ignored
the correct one, because the age was 10 years off (mistakes being a common
bureaucratic problem, at least in those days). I received a suggestion
through this group that I look for his wife's death certificate first, on
the theory that they were probably buried near each other. I did, and when
I found her I called the cemetery to get his date of death. I now have the
correct certificate. If anyone needs a DC for a Jacob JACOBSON, please
contact me privately, as I have several.

Another possibility is that your ggf died where he lived, but he is not
included in the index, which is incomplete. You can have a search done,
although it costs more than when you have the certificate number. The
procedure and fees are explained here:

If this fails, you may want to check NYS or NJ. Links to all government
agencies, at all levels, can be found here:

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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