Mount Zion Synagogue, New York #general

Dick Jaeger <richard@...>

My great great grandparetns, great grandparents and grandparents wereall
affiliated with Mount Zion Synagogue (may have been known as Congregation Mt
Zion) located (in 1907) at 80 West 116th Street, New York, NY. Rabbi's name
was Samuel Greenfield and he did the marriage ceremomy for my grandmother's
first and second marriage and probably the funeral for my grandfather and
great great grandfather as well as a ceremony in 1907 for my great great
grandparents 50th Wedding anniversary.
I am looking for any records of the synagogue, photos and perhaps photos of
congregants (my 2nd great grandfather was a n Alderman of some note for
twenty years in New York and may have been on the Board of the synagogue
Richard A Jaeger
LOOKING FOR: BENJAMIN (England, New York), GOODMAN (Germany, New York),
WEISSMAN (Ukraine, New York), FAUERBACH (Germany, New York), ISAACS
(England), COHEN (England)

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