Syndic defined ("Syndyk") #general

Barbara Zimmer <bravo.zulu@...>

In my Polish-English dictionary a "syndyk" is
defined as a "Syndic; legal advisor"

And >from an on-line dictionary:
syndic (sndk)
1. One appointed to represent a corporation,
university, or other organization in business
transactions; a business agent.
2. A civil magistrate or similar government
official in some European countries.

Jon Harper asked:

amongst the
names of witnesses I find people of various occupations - a goldsmith,
furrier, butcher and the above named Mr BONUS. He is variously called
a 'Sydndykata' a 'Syndykusa' a 'Syndykura' which is followed
by 'Synagogi'. The latter name is obviously clear, but what on earth
is the occupation described in the other word?

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