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In a message dated 6/2/2006 1:24:44 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, offers as a good sample the following

"Example [as a good] Subject Line":

< 1885 - 1899; Austro-Hungarian Empire > Poland > United States: BLOCH /

==Yes, indeed, it's good when listing data in the body of a posting, but in
the subject line it's better to put the special case first and the background
information later.

==Take me: I'm looking for info covering the years 1400 to 2006, so 1885
(the year Oma Rosa Wolff turned 18) and 1899 (my Vati's first birthday) may
definitely be of some interest to me--but those aren't dates that would draw my

==Furthermore, many displays of incoming email subject lines are limited in
length, so the information at the end of the line may drop off. And if I
want to seek out a message I've archived, a search on BLOCH or RING would more
likely leap to my memory than one on 1885 or 1899.

==Therefore, I'd have conceptualized the subject line as follows

BLOCH / RING = these are the names of unique families whom, I hope, others
may identify
AustriaHungary = long enough. The Empire word is superfluous for the location
ca 1885 + = I assume that's the year they were known to have been in
Poland = probably meaningless. Poland was split up then by
Germany, Russia and Austria. If you meant Galizia, that
was part of Aust-Hung.
USA = shorter than United States
ca 1899 = I assume that's about the time they immigrated.

So my preferred subject line would read:

< BLOCH / RING, AustriaHungary ca 1885+, > USA ca 1899 >

That's all I need. If I, the reader, know no Blochs or rings, I can stop
scanning right there. If they're >from England or France, they're not mine. If
they didn't come to the USA at the turn of the century, I can safely delete
the item.

Remember, my comment referred only to subject lines. For data in the body
of the message,
< 1885 - 1899; Austro-Hungarian Empire > Poland > United States: BLOCH /

is a very good way of organizing a group of entries

Michael Bernet, New York

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