ROSENTHAL in Britain #general

Walter Rosenthal <rwrx@...>

Background: My father, Samuel ROSENTHAL, was born in NYC in 1890. His
parents obviously arrived sometime earlier. Both his birth and marriage
certificates list his father's name as Wolf and his mother's maiden name as
Annie Rosenthal, the same as her husband. My grandmother (Annie) told me
that she came >from Europe through England. Her cousins who remained in
Britain who had no direct memory of her

Question: Which sources can I use to determine the possible British
embarcation ports in 1888-1890. This might give me the ships' names, each
ship's manifest, which could then provide my grandparents' European home
town? If I can locate the town, then further research might bring me closer
to finding my roots.

Any help will be most appreciated.

Walter Rosenthal

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