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Fritz Neubauer wrote on 05 jun 2006 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

list of Auschwitz prisoners who
were sent back >from Auschwitz-Monowitz to Auschwitz-Birkenau on May 1,
1944 because the were no longer able to work there ("arbeitsunfaehig")
which must have amounted to a death sentence.
Are you sure it is 1944 and that this list is genuine and precise?

Searching only gave as possible connections:

Israel Kool who died Auschwitz, 21st January 1945
Louis van Gelderen died Municipality unknown, 21st January 1945
Abraham Bouwman died Central Europe, 21st January 1945
Philippus Klein died Monowitz, 1st February 1944

It seems improbable the other 2 lived through the war
and 3 died elswhere.

25.,139722, BOUVMANN, Abraham, Holland Jude
BouWmaN probably

3 people in,
only one still lived on 1944/5/1:

Abraham Bouwman »
Winterswijk, 20th February 1920
Central Europe, 21st January 1945

26.,139771, KLEIN, Philipp, Holland Jude
Philippus Klein »
Rhenen, 19th October 1899
Monowitz, 1st February 1944

33. 150708, VAN DE HAAR (?), Abraham, Holland Jude, Entry deleted

34. 151922, VAN GELDEREN, Louis, Holland Jude
5 people in,
only one still lived on 1944/5/1:
Louis van Gelderen Municipality unknown, 21st January 1945

35. 151928, GOBETZ, Jakob, Holland Jude
Jacob Gobetz »
Amsterdam, 11th July 1939
Auschwitz, 27th August 1943

36. 151959, KOOL, Israel, Holland Jude
Israel Kool »
Amsterdam, 24th January 1909
Mauthausen, 3rd September 1941

Israel Kool »
Amsterdam, 28th October 1898
Auschwitz, 21st January 1945

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