Should I fill out a Page of Testimony for someone who may not have died? #general

Leslie Weinberg <lbw50@...>

I am trying to figure out whether to post a Page of Testimony for a
relative. My grandmother told me that my grandfather's nephew, Jonas
BLUMENBERG (his sister's son) had gotten out of Tyczyn, Poland, in
the 1930s and got to Israel. He was found, she said, by a friend of
my grandfather after the War in 1945, and said he was going to Russia
to look for siblings. I could not ask my grandfather to give me more
details, since he had Alzheimer's at the time. Within the past year,
two Blumenberg relatives told me that to their knowledge, everyone
had perished during the Holocaust. I do not know whether they knew
of this man to begin with, but they certainly had no knowledge of
survivors. Those contacts disappeared on me, not quite sure why, so
I can't follow up with them, either. It would seem at this point
that perhaps this is all hearsay. I do have a copy of this man,
Mozes Blumenberg's, birth certificate, I do know at least that he
existed, but all efforts to find him, and perhaps his surviving
siblings, have been stonewalled. I am wondering whether I should
post a Page of Testimony for him at Yad Vashem. I do not want his
name to be forgotten, but I don't want to post a Page for someone who
might very well still be alive out there, as well. Would someone
please advise me? Thanks, Leslie Weinberg

Searching Blumenberg, Tyczyn, Poland. Eisen, Tyczyn Poland and
Oradea, Romania. Reiss, November, Oradea, Romania and Budapest,
Hungary. Iram, Tyczyn and Przybyszowka, Poland. Danskoy (Donskoy,
Donskoi), Nezhin, Ukraine. Sominsky, Mischinsky, Latvia.

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