Re: Tombstoner #general

Ury Link

Dear Genners,

The mystery of the date on the tomb stone is not a mystery, You must to read
it as:

On the 15 day of the month Cheswan. (Gestorben 15 Tag in C' Cheshwan)

The word after the digit 15 is Tag (Teit - Alef - Gimel) and it mean a day.

The letter Cheit is a shortening of the word Chodesh what mean a month.

So this man is die on 6 November 1930

from my experience I know that this text is usual on some tombstones
Best regards

Ury Link
# VM 7930-Tombstone inscription, probably in Yiddishor Hebrew.
Inscription may have the name Niestempoweras part of the text.
The date is a bit of a mystery; it says 15th of something or other
1930, but he month is blurred in this photograph and hard to read.
It looks like mem aleph bet, which could stand for the Hebrew month
Menahem-Av (which is the full name of the month of Av). If so, this
corresponded with August 9th in 1930. But the next line seems to
contradict that date, it appears to say 8th Heshvan (which corresponded
with 30th October in 1930). I can't explain this discrepancy, does anyone
have any ideas?>>

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