Tombstone dilemma solved! #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Dear Stewart,

Re your tombstone inscription at, thanks are due to
Nick Landau's suggestion to me for reading the "blurred" letters. He
suggested they might be tet-aleph-gimel (meaning "day"). That makes
very good sense, because now we have the reading:
"gestorben 15 Tag in H. Heshvan 1930".

So now I would guess that " H." is an abbreviation for the Hebrew
word hodesh, meaning month, and the inscription means "died 15th
day of the month Heshvan 1930." 15th Heshvan in the year 1930
corresponded with November 6.

This is a good example of the value of teamwork, and (as the
moderator suggested) this time it actually paid off that we
discussed the inscription in the group as a whole!

Thank you again, Nick!

Judith Romney Wegner

MODERATOR NOTE: And thank you Judith, and Ury, for finishing this up.

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