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Marion H Maidens <i-claudia@...> wrote:

Specific interest in the relationships of Andre Maurois (real name
Emil Herzog) to the late Rabbi Itzhak Halevy Herzog, originally of
Lomza, Poland.
Maurois was born in Elboeuf, Normandy,

Itzhak Halevy Herzog served as chief rabbi of Israel, and it is known
that there was only family in Lomza (of the levi clan) by the name
of Herzog.
All and any information would be gratefully received.
There may have been only one Herzog family in Lomza, but I don't see
any connection between Maurois and Lomza. Maurois's family was from
Alsace, and I suspect Herzog might be a common name among Alsatian Jews:
it is the German word for "Duke".

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