BONUS Syndiykusa Synagogi Kalisz #general


Hi there!
I have read with interest the various views about the Syndyka etc word
and follow up my previous posting about the above-named gentleman. I
am still un-convinced about the actual position Mr Bonus held in the
synagogue's hierarchy. Was he an appointed official? Were officials
designated to perform various roles, and if so apart >from the person
holding the child at circumcision, how could Mr Bonus also appear
designated in this way at a death or a marriage ceremony, the copies
of such documents I have wherein he is so named?
It seeems to me a simple answer - was Mr Bonus an official of the
Synagogue or not, or indeed apart >from a Rabbi were there any
appointed officials or was this designation just a civil servant's
view of the witness's status or occupation?
It seem to be a little pedantic of me, but some of these small bits of
information can help build up a picture of peoples' lives in the mid
19th century in Poland, suffering as it did under occupation by Russia
or Prussia or the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Unlike many other 'genners' I am attempting to backwards as I know my
background and that of the family to date - finding my Jewish Polish
Kalisz origins has become a matter of pride for me as having not been
brought up in the faith.
Bless you all. John Harper, Sydney (born Shwalbe)

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