Re: Where is Varsovia, Polynesian? #general

Carlos Glikson

I should have added - since Marilyn's relative sailed >from a French port -
that Warsaw in French is Varsovie. The handwriting could be Varsovie, not
only Varsovia.

As for Polonia, Pologne, or Poland, "Polynesian" is a visibly longer word,
and an adjective, not a noun. So the original column title for "Polynesian"
(Nationality? Ethnicity? Country? Language?) will help Marilyn in her
interpretation. Taking into account this and the gender of the word
transcribed as Polynesian, "possibles" could be the French terms "Polonais"
(masculine) for the man - a Pole - , or "Polonaise" - not only for his
nationality as mentioned in my previous message (la nationalite, feminine),
but also for his language (LE polonaiS, but LA langue polonaiSE - "language"
is feminine).

Best wishes,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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