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bettina glass <bettinaglass@...>

Hello Group,

You have been very good at helping to solve my various puzzles. Here is
another one, please. Is anyone familiar with the town of Marijampol in
"Russia" ? I first assumed it was Marijampol in Lithuania and tried the
appropriate LDS microfilm (birth in 1842/44). Unfortunately I find Polish
very difficult to read in the handwritten records and just looked for names,
planning to concentrate on full translations after photocopies were
obtained. I couldn't find anything that looked remotely like *Rachel Isaacs*
for the child, or *Isaac/Isaacs* for the father. I have twice ploughed
through the entire film without success. Since then, I have located another
Marijampol, in Ukraine. Assuming this one would also have been quoted as
"Russia" on an Australian marriage application form in 1881, I have ordered
the appropriate microfilm, same birth date, same names, Mariampol in
Galicia. If anyone else out there has searched either of these films, do you
remember seeing the name *Isaacs*? I can't believe that there were no Isaacs
at all in the Lithuanian town. Maybe they are all in the Ukrainian town and
I will find plenty to choose >from or they are in Lithuania after all and I
just could not identify the names. Any suggestions? Rachel's maiden name has
also been quoted as *Tapulski, or Tapusch*. That is a long way >from
*Isaacs*. Does it prompt anything in anyone's memorybank?

Thank you,
Bettina Glass, far north Queensland, Australia.

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