Trying to find descendents of Morris Sommerfeld in Israel #general

Leslie Weinberg <lbw50@...>

Although a number of you have been kind enough to research on my
behalf, I'm still knocking my head against a brick wall trying to
find Morris Sommerfeld, or his descendents, in Israel. He filled out
one a particular POT in the 50s for an Abraham Eisen, >from Nagyvarad
(Oradea, Hungary). There was a possibility, I thought, that Abraham
might have been a son >from my great-grandfather's first marriage. He
had been born in Tyczyn, Poland, and his father's name was Chaim,
same as my grandfather's father, and I had heard that my grandfather
had traveled to Nagyvarad, before coming to the U.S. to see his "half
brother". That is where he met my grandmother, and he followed her
to the U.S.

Chaim's first wife had the maiden name "Scharf". The other day, I
looked at the marriage certificate for my grandfather's sister, >from
Chaim's second marriage, and although it is in Polish, and I can't
understand it (I have posted it on Viewmate, but so far, no response
on the translation), I did see the name of what may have been a
witness at the wedding, and the last name was "Scharf". Coincidence?
It would seem there are too many coincidences here for there not to
be a possible answer to the riddle.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what direction I can go in to find
this family? I'm assuming they still live in Israel, but I can't be
sure. Thank you, Leslie Weinberg

Searching Eisen, Iram, Blumenberg, Tyczyn, Poland and Oradea,
Romania. Reisz (Reis, Reiss), November, Szegal,Oradea, Romania,
Danskoy (Danskoi, Donskoy), Nezhin, Ukraine, Sominsky, Mischinsky,

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