Re: S.S. NYASSA - Passenger Lists for New York, December 1940 #general

Joy Rich <joyrichny@...>

Omry, if you go to an LDS Family History Center, please be aware that the
centers provide access to most - but not all - of the microfilm at the
Family History Library in Salt Lake City. You might want to call the center
before you go there and ask the staff if they can order the particular
reels of microfilm that you want.

The fee for having microfilm sent >from Salt Lake City to another country
varies, depending on the current exchange rate between the two countries.

To know which microfilm of the Soundex index for 1902-1943 to order, look at
the list of FHL microfilm numbers for the index, which starts at on the Family History Library catalog website. The
index will show you which reel of microfilm has the S.S. Nyassa passenger list
on it and which page your people are listed on.

The microfilm reel of passenger lists for December 1-5, 1940 is number
1758250. You might want to also order reel 1758251, which covers December
5-10, 1940. This information is at .

Good luck!

Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY

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