Offer to photograph gravestones: Colma CA. USA #general

Dayna <zoeys_mom@...>

I live not far >from the town of Colma, Califronia, in
which there are a number of cemeteries.

I go out there a few times a year, and I'd like to
offer to take photographs of gravestones at any of the
*Jewish* cemeteries. These are: Eternal Home, Home of
Peace Cemetery and Emanu-El Mausoleum (also called
Giboth Olam: Hills of Eternity, or Navai Shalom:
Peaceful Abode), and Salem Memorial Park.

Please email me privately with the cemetery name, name
(or names) of the deceased and their *exact* burial
location (plot number, etc.). These are all very large
cemeteries, so there's no way I could find your person
if I do not have the exact location.

You can call the cemeteries directly and they will
gladly give you this information:

Salem: 650-755-5296
Home of Peace (etc.): 650-755-4700
Hills of Eternity: 650-756-3633
Eternal Home: 650-755-5236

Send me as many requests as you like, I'm going out
there anyway, the photos are digital, so it costs me
nothing to take 1 or 25! Photos will be sent via
email. Because this is just my little mitzvah project,
there is no charge to anyone. (:

Please send requests by July 1st.

Dayna Chalif

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