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Judith Romney Wegner

At 7:10 AM -0400 6/11/06, Sally Bruckheimer wrote:

Around 1842 family names were not that well set; in addition,
Isaacs would not be a Russian/Yiddish/Polish patronymic(which is why
you don't find it in Russian records), but an English-language
version of something else. Perhaps Tapulski was the maiden name, but
they said Isaacs in Australia or England or wherever English was
spoken, since that is an English-sounding surname.
Sometimes when the records don't agree, the odd one gave the right
information, the others gave the 'corrected' version. Perhaps she
was Rachel bat Yitzchak so used the English-sounding father's name
in place of a maiden name, but legally, in Russia, she would have
been something else, maybe even Tapulski or something like that.
More likely it would be fair to say that both surnames were correct.
"Isaacs" would have been her patronymic in its English version. In
Russian that patronymic would have been Izakovich. When secular laws
in various countries first required the adoption of surnames, Jews
often chose their patronymics to be the family surname henceforth.

Oddly, I had exactly the opposite experience with my ggm Juliet
Marks, whose maiden name appears as "Collins" on Australian and NZ
death certificates of some of her children, whereas on the birth
certs. of her three youngest (born in England after 1837) her maiden
name is given as "Hymans." Obviously Hymans was a patronymic (in her
case it came >from the Dutch Jewish name Hijman) whereas Collins was
the Anglicized version of the Dutch city Kollum -- the surname
originally adopted by her family in Holland prior to their
emigration to England around 1800. Juliet's self-description by
patronymic was initially a "bum-steer" for my research -- I wasted a
lot of time looking for Hymans when I should have been focusing on
Collins! It is through the Australian and New Zealand documents that
I found this out! (For which I am eternally grateful to my Oz and
Kiwi cousins.)

Judith Romney Wegner.

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