Rabbi SEGAL, CHARIF, and HALEVI #general

Reuven Chaim Klein <rachack@...>

For quite some time now, I have known that my gggg-grandfather, Rabbi
Binyamin Eliezer Ungar-Auerbach of Krakow (father of Rabbi Reuven Chaim
Klein wrote the Shenos Chaim) married the daughter of Rabbi Ya'akov HaLevi
from Wolbrom. Rav Ya'akov HaLevi was the brother of Rav Yosef Lichtig/Charif
HaLevi. The brothers were in turn sons of Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi, who was
a direct male descendant of Rabbi Dovid Segal HaLevi, the TaZ (Turei Zahav).
For some time I have been looking for the exact line of connection between
Rav Tzvi Hirsch HaLevi and his direct male ansector the TaZ. I have yet to
get the exact line of lineage. However, I recently found out that the
Maharsha (who lived in the same era as the TaZ and was also a Levi) had a
son-in-law named Rabbi Yitzchack Segal Charif HaLevi. I was wondering if
this son-in-law of the Maharsha had anything to do with the line which I am
trying to trace here.

(See http://www.myhomeloancompany.com/kleins for more of my research in my
family's genealogy project.)

Surnames being researched:
In Munkatch(Mukachevo) and its surrounding areas(especially a village called
Kleczanev or Klyachanovo ):
In Bonyhad, a village in Hungary: KUTTNER

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