Peder Jensen v. Post & Ane Hansdatter, Kalundborg #general

Richard Engan <rengan@...>

Our family story is that my great grandmother Maren Marie was the
daughter of a Jewish mother. The family story is that she was "put out"
with a foster famlily after her father died when she was a baby. The
mother is listed as Ane Hansdatter and was born about 1893. The family
story is that her father Peder Jensen v. Post died in a wagon crash
while delivering liquor. He had been

Is there away to learn about a Jewish family in the Kalundborg, Denmark
area in the early 1800's?

Could the " v. Post" name be of a Jewish family?

The following is the family:

The Probate record shows the death of Peder Jensen v. Post,
braendeviinsbraender og vognmand age 49. Died Aug 11, 1833 and buried on
the 16th.

The 1834 Census of Kalundborg, Cordehlgade 113 - film 39057 page 194.

Ane Jensen 41 enke - Braendeviinsbraender (widow-brewer)
Ane Christine 13 her children
Jens Peter 9
Hans Peter 6
Lars Peter 4
Maren Marie 2
Mads Petersen 35 ugift tjenestekarl (unmarried servant labor)
Ane Henriette 24 ugift tjenestepige (unmarried servant maid)

Richard Engan

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