Re: Has Anyone Filled Out FOIA Form G-639, If So Can You Help #general

Gladys Paulin <paulin@...>

The replies about the St. Albans and other border crossing ports are
correct. Those records are available through NARA and also the Family
History Library of the LDS and can be ordered to your local Family
History Center.

However, the original post also mentioned a Registry number/file. For
that,a FOIA request is necessary. Instructions and Form G-639 can be
downloaded >from the USCIS web site at:

Registry files were compiled between the late 1920's and 1944 for those
persons who did not know or could not locate their legal entry into the
Unites States prior to 1924. They contain much excellent information,
but one needs to provide the registry number in the request. Sometimes these
numbers are listed on the soundex cards as "CR#".

In completing the G639, you MUST include the name of the person and at
least the birth year (ca 1872 is acceptable) and place (Russia is fine). Any
other information you can provide will assist the agency in finding the
correct person so include what you KNOW. (Do not guess or use unproven
information--it could lead to the wrong person or a 'person not found'

Hope this helps.

Gladys Friedman Paulin, CG
Winter Springs, FL

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