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For years I'm searching information concerning my father's family, to
no avail and I gave up. Someone just suggested to me that my father's
family name could have been spelled on another way and could have
been changed. That's why I'm posting this mail, without any great
hope... but who knows

My family came >from Lithuania and emigrated to Israel in the middle
of the 19th century. Then part of them went to France, one of them
went to US. I only know, for sure, information concerning my
great-grandparents, who are buried in Jerusalem, in the Mount of
Olvies cemetery. I heard of some other information, but nothing is
sure in it because I never could find any link.

I just was told that the name SHRASEVSKI could be the same as my
SHERESHEVSKY (and other spellings).

Here is the few information I know :

My great-grandparents :
Neche PINES married Jacob SCHERCHEVSKY (or other spelling).
Jacob Ha Cohen SCHERCHEVSKY died in Jerusalem in 1884.
Neche PINES died in Jerusalem in 1891

Between other children, they had my grandfather Samuel (Shmuel) Ha
Cohen CHERCHEVSKY, born about 1860 in Ruzhany, died in Paris in 1936.
They had also probably three other children, among whom I know about
one, named Herschel (Zvi-Hirsch) and his descendants (some are still
living in Israel).
My grandfather married Hava LAZINSKSY, born in Grodno about 1864 and
died in Paris in 1931.

Any information would be welcome.
Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky
Besancon (France)
and also
Cercle de Genealogie Juive (International JGS in Paris)

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