Re: Good luck, Dave #belarus

Boris Krantz <Boris@...>

Like so many, my life has been permanently changed with the success in
finding family in Israel at the tender age of 65. This is all due to the
availabiity of the SIG and the learning and friends made here.

Volunteer leadership is a blessing to all of us. In fact, Dave was most
candid only a week or so ago with me, when we disucssed the research issues
he referenced. But, coincident with the appreciation we all feel for Dave's
contributions is a responsibility we all work within a group for
the betterment of the group, not our own self-interests.

Be well ... L'chaim, David, and todah rabah!

Boris M. Krantz
Bedminster, NJ
Searching: KRANTZ, PERLIS, WELLER, FELDMAN, GALPERIN >from Zamosc, Lublin,
Medzericz Podlaski, Brest

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