To Dave Fox #belarus

Nancy Holden

Dear Dave,
It is a very sad day for the members of the Belarus SIG. You have lifted us
and brought us together and the thought of all the hard work that you have
done, and all the collected databases readied for member research, attests
to your administrative abilities.

We could not have accomplished all we have for the descendants of Belarus
without you. I know how hard you have tried to walk a line of fairness
between the members, the researchers, the translators and JewishGen. You
have brought many, many people into the fold and the administration of the
SIG has been without rancor or competitiveness. This is so rare and has made
working together so wonderful. I have seen all that you have accomplished
for us and have admired your dedication.

It is my hope that Belarus SIG members will step forward to take on the
positions that must be filled in the administration of the SIG. When things
run smoothly, we are unaware of all the time and effort that goes on behind
the scenes. Now we must all take on new responsibilities.

I wish you the best in your new endeavors. You deserve it. I only wish you
had found someone to take your place months ago, so that you would not
have had to leave feeling so distressed.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with you.

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