Re: Finding a town in Hungary (or anywhere!) #general

Vivian Kahn

When searching for communities that were in Hungary in the 19th and
early 20th centuries it's important to remember that there have been
numerous border changes. After World War I parts of Hungary were
ceded to Romania and to the new country of Czechoslovakia. Some of
the latter areas are now part of Slovakia while other areas to the
east are now in the Ukraine. During WWII, some areas were briefly
returned to Hungary and then became parts of bordering nations after
the war.

Because of these border shifts the first thing you need to do, before
searching ShtetlSeeker, is find out the country in which your shtetl
is now located. The Hungarian SIG has an on-line cross-reference
list that can help you determine the present name and country of
places that used to be in Hungary. Go to the Hungarian SIG home
page, scroll down to the H- SIG cross reference guide and download
this very useful resource. We hope to eventually make this resource
searchable on-line.

If you know the old Hungarian name (not the Yiddish name) of a place
you can check the searchable 1913 Gazetteer at the Radix website, an
invaluable resource (second only to the H-SIG website, of course!)
for anyone who is researching Hungarian-Jewish roots. Go to and enter all or part of the place
name in the search box to find out the country in which your shtetl
is now located.

Anyone researching Hungarian Jewish roots is also encouraged to send
messages to the Hungarian SIG mail list. We have almost 900
subscribers, quite a few of whom are fluent in Hungarian as well as
others who can give you info about where to search for old records.

Vivian Kahn, Hungarian SIG Coordinator

Mark Suss asked about finding his town in Hungary. Let me suggest
that we all keep in mind that wonderful JewishGen resource....

The ShtetlSeeker does for towns what the JewishGen Family Finder
(JGFF) does for families....

go here, click on search by town name.... key in the name of your town,
click on the country it is in today...for this example... Hungary.
Once you see your town, note the longitude and latitude, click on "M"
and voila... you are connected to a MapQuest map of the area....
a map you can zoom into and out of... a map you can print and download...
what a wonderful resource!!!
Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer, Wilton, Conn & Palm Beach Gardens, Fla

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