Where is/was Lomzhinskoy? #general

JOEL CAESAR <poppyjoel5@...>

Dear Genners,
I'verecently begun working on my long-planned family history. Today, I
received a translation of my maternal GF's Russian Army paybook, 1895-1898.
A friend, I retired Russian Orthodox Priest, did the translating. I was
disappointed that the places in the book where City, Town, Village and date
of birth were supposed to be, were left blank. Both my GF's "Province" and
"Region" are identified as (as translated) "Lomzhinskoy." Anyone out there
have some suggestions for the location of this area? Family legend has his
hometown identified as Novgorod or Novogrod. He belonged to a burial
society, in New York City, supposedly comprised of others >from his home
town, with a plot in Old Montifore Cemetary in Queens, NY, the name of which
began with "Charne."
Is Lomzhinskoy another spelling for Lomza Gubernia, home of my maternal GM's
For the record: Private Yutka Goldstein served with the 90th Infantry,
Onezhsky Regiment >from 1895-1898. His pay was 45 kopeks every two months. He
made extra money by doing laundry work, tailoring and handling "rubbish".

Joel W. Caesar
Jackson, NJ

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