Cyrillic russian translation, time will expires #general

Laufer, Shmuel

Dear Friends:

I have uploaded, five day ago, three certificates I receive >from the Polish
Archives, without receive any translation. I need the translation in the next
two days before my view time expires.

Could someone translate >from Cyrillic Russian for me?
If not, has somebody good experience with a pay service translation?

I am specifically looking for names and dates in these documents.
If you can help, please respond private to

Description: Birth Certificate Mendel Brukman >from Sarnaki

Description: Birth Certificate Alter Moszko Brukman >from Sarnaki two pages

Description: Death Certificate Malka Brukman >from Sarnaki two pages


Best Regards
Shmuel Laufer
Rehovot - Israel

Researching: LAUFER (Przasnysz- Poland), BERKOWICZ (Przasnysz- Poland),
JANKEFOWICZ (Przasnysz- Poland), WIATRAK (Przasnysz- Poland), DOMB
(Pultusk-Poland), BRUCKMAN (Sarnaki-Poland), ZELAZO (Sarnaki-Poland),
MITELMAN (Chelm-Poland), TENERMAN (Dubienka-Poland), PRESCHEL
(Chernovich-Bukovina), SCHNAPP (Chernovich-Bukovina), LEDER

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