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duccio leoni <duccio.leoni@...>

As a new subscriber, I have to say thank you already for the data you have
been able to collect and also with the help of Logan Kleinwaks I have been
able to find out more about my Polish ancestry.

I am an Italian naturalised British having lived here for the past 40++
years and I am surprised that you have no databases for the Italian Jews who
also perished in the Holocaust. If I am correct there have been over 4000
who have been transported or killed in Italy.

In researching the fate of my grandparents >from my father side who died in
Auschwitz, I travelled to Bologna and found that in the area, there was a
distinct presence before the war but now the numbers are so low that the
Bologna community is struggling in re-asserting their presence.

Over the years the Italian Government in a gesture of reparation has funded
or partially funded museums, memorial plaques etc.

Synagogues in Turin, Bologna and Florence have been re-built, so perhaps
some research may be initiated to help the likes of me who have relied so
far on the good heart of local people.

I will be interested to read any comments on the subject.
Duccio Leoni

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