Volochisk (Volhynia Gubernia), Ukraine - Call for Information #general

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Hello, Dear Colleagues!

A few weeks ago, I've posted a "Call for Information" about Krasilo and
Kuzmin (Volhynia Gubernia), Ukraine, and got tremendous information from
dear genners. This helped me a lot in writing the history of those two
little Shtetls. Now, after getting some new information, I'm looking for
information about Volochisk.

It appears that my LIBMANs came originally >from Volochisk (Volhynia
Gubernia), before moving to Krasilov. I'd like to collect as much
information as possible about these two Shtetls, in order to document the
stories of Jewish life there, and in order to keep their story told.

I'll appreciate any kind of help with collecting the following about this
village (except the things that appear in the Ukraine SIG and in Volochisk
pages in ShtetLinks):
* historical information about the Jewish settlement there;
* books or articles mentioning those places;
* pictures - both old and new, including family pictures and Shtetl pictures;
* family stories (including family recipes);
* Jewish organizations;
* any other piece of information which might help in telling the Shtetls' story

After I'll finish to conduct my research about this villages (continuing the
research about Krasilov and Kuzmin), I'll of course share it!

Yours Sincerely,
Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel

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