Re: Adolf Stulz and the Eisingers of Imbach, Austria #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I wrote earlier today re Imbach and Robert Fraser's query: Finally, Adolf STULZ
has no page of testimony. He is the only victim, presumed >from Imbach, but born
in Bossek on the "Letter to the Stars" and "Yad Vashem" websites. Let us remember
him here. And where is Bossek, his birthplace - could it perhaps be in Turkey?

Well, I have myself done a bit more research on Adolf STULZ and he was in fact
the Director of the Aktien-gesellschaft fur Holz Industrie* [Holzabsatze] based
at Kaiserstr. 45, Vienna VII, by a strange coincidence, an address I pass almost
daily when staying in Vienna! In 1933 he lived in Elsslergasse 22, Vienna 13.

As Imbach is in the Waldviertel area, I presume his Imbach address could be
connected with a branch of his company - where the wood was sourced. There may
have been other Jewish employees [perhaps even Arnold EISINGER?] in this company
or associated companies in the area connected with the timber trade.

As for Bossek - I checked the Stetls and towns on Jewishgen and there are a
number of possibles, but no exact matches. The [German] family name "Bossek"
however appears quite frequently in an internet search.

I have ruled out Turkey - that was a mistake as the letter Bossek were used as
an acronym on a Turkish sports website!

Robert Fraser may now have further leads to follow up regarding his EISINGER
family's sojourn in Imbach.

Celia Male [UK]

[*a timber company - for the benefit of our non-German
speaking members].

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