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Susan Cooper <suzecooper@...>

Where are all the Varniaians?
Varniai (Vorne or Varne in Yiddish) in north-western Lithuania
was a town well known for its synagogue, yeshiva and scholars.
It was the home of the charitable Rabbi Chanania.
The Jewish population in 1897 was 1,226, although emigration to
America, Great Britain and South Africa had begun many years
Many families in USA, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and
England are descended >from Varniain emigrants.
There are 9000 records in the Lithuanian archives relating to
Jewish families in Varniai (Vorne) which are waiting to be
If you are interested in the latest information regarding Jewish
birth, marriage and death records for Varniai, please let me
know and I’ll be glad to bring you up to date.

Susan Cooper
Shtetl Coordinator, LitvakSIG Varniai Vital Records.

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