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Dorothy Harper <dorothyharper17@...>

On May 11, our younger son passed away >from a massive heart attack, On May
12, a woman in Paris, France decided to "google", it was her father's
birthday; apparently she had tried looking for family before with no

When my mother immigrated >from Poland in 1920 only her paternal side of the
family came over. The maternal side all remained in Poland. Her mother had
passed away, her father re-married, she corresponded with cousins in Poland,
then came WWII. She said she thought that some cousins had fled to France,
but she never knew if they survived or perished during that time.

Old photos didn't yield much information, those with Polish and Yiddish were
translated so I did have some names, I "created" slots for them on my tree
because I wanted them to be there, even though I didn't know how they were

The woman who saw my Home Page on Google, saw names, she clicked on one
name, and her father's photo came up, one that my mother had of a little boy
age 2 (1942) with the inscription on the back "while in hiding". She has
that very same photo. Then she clicked on others, her grandparents, her
cousins, photos that I entered beside their names.

She emailed me, they thought that *we* had all perished during the war. Her
grandmother and father were the only survivors of that family, all the
others died. What threw me off was that her father was my mother's first
cousin, however he is 4 years younger than I am; well, we figured it out, my
grandmother was the oldest child, her grandfather was the youngest, a 20
year span. I am named for my grandmother, she is named for her grandfather.

I told her that I was going to New York for the conference, could she join
me there? Better still, she, her husband, three children, her mother,
father (the little boy in the photo) and her in-laws are coming to Los
Angeles and then to New York during the week of the conference.

So, I am having a family reunion. There are not that many of us that relate
to this side of my family, 32 people in all (10 kids under the age of 12),
and now I have made my "To-Do" list. Item # 1 is: Make a To-Do List.

This will take place at my house, my favorite deli is providing food, I am
starting to compile photos for a Reunion Book, my sister in law suggested
name tags, I was going to send for the Family Crest (which makes me laugh)
Family Tree Maker has charts I can print out with photos, I want it to be
simple, yet professional. I was thinking of t-shirts for the kids. I was
also thinking of a professional photographer, however my brother's son-in
law volunteered.

So that is my story. I lost my sweet dear son, and the very next day I
gained a new cousin, she thinks it is a miracle. I think so too. Sadly,
her grandmother died just last year at age 95, my mom died 10 years ago,
they both would have loved this new beginning.

Several months ago I was paranoid when I discovered my Home Page was on the
Internet, you Genners put me at ease, convincing me that no one would kidnap
the children or steal my identity, since then 3 long lost cousins on my
dad's side contacted me and now my new French cousin is in my life.

That is my story. And if any of you have suggestions for my Family Reunion,
please email me, I am open to ideas.

Dorothy, Ca

Researching: ROSENBERG/ROZENBERG Skaryszew near Radom Poland; KAPLAN,
METTER/BLAGUCHIN Koszylowce near Minsk Belarus; HOCHBERG Bobrka Lvov
Galicia; MOSSOWITZ Russia.

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