Searching for ALEF from Lomza, possibly now in England #general


I recently found an entry for an Alter ALEF in the Pinkas HaNNitzolim I -
Register of Jewish Survivors database. His name came >from the Surviving Jews in
London list in that data base. I understand that the actual list may contain
additional information about this person, who may be part of my mother's
family. Could someone please tell me if it is possible to see the complete Pinkas
HaNitzolim I, or the particular list I need.

My mother's maiden name was GALEF, which was "accidentally" created when the
first ancestor, Gabriel ALEF, immigrated to the US >from Lomza, Poland, in
1880. Virtually all GALEFs in the US are related to me. I recently found
listings in the JRI-Poland data base for several ALEFs and have developed a family
tree going back to the early 1800s, but this reference to Alter ALEF is one of
the few I have been able to find for any Polish relative who may have survived
the Holocaust. It also raises the possibility that I have relatives in England
that I never knew about.

Therefore, could someone please advise how to find out whether there are any
ALEFs currently in Engalnd?

Any information would be appreciated. You can respond to me privately.

Laurel Presser
Manalapan, New Jersey

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