Re: Orphanage in Berdichev in 1920 #general

Lisa Lepore <llepore@...>

Irina -

Hard to know what was going on, but perhaps the new
wife was not Jewish, or did not keep traditional values.

I have a case like this in my family too - only they were
Catholic, not Jewish. The man divorced his first wife
because she was an alcoholic. [Divorce is not accepted
by the catholic church] He put his son in an orphanage at
first, then went on to marry a woman "who didn't like children"

I don't understand this because this man had a large extended
family who would have been able to help him raise the child, but
he chose the orphanage instead.

I can understand placing the child in the orphanage at first if
there was no one to care for him while the father was working,
or if the father had to travel for work, but like you, I don't
understand why they would leave the children there after remarrying.

One other thought in your case, maybe the wife became ill, and
was not able to care for the child either?

Mendon, MA

Dear Genners,

Does anyone know about orphnage or orphanages, possibly Jewish, in Berdichev
in 1920? And when and why a Jewish father who remarried after his wife's
death will send his son to it and not bring him to his new family? It doesnt
sound to me a traditional thing for a Jewish family...

Irina Shub
Chatham, UK

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