Re: Desfardin Society at Mt. Zion #general

Peregrine Maitland <273589roots@...>

Suggest you Google the spelling "d'sfardim" and "d'sphardim" for
landsmanshaftn that contain this in their name. This is most probably not
the full name of the society.

Cf. "Beth Hamidrash Hagodol D'Sphardim"

You can also call the cemetery and confirm whether their records contain a
more complete name of the society.

Also check for more landsmanshaft

Peregrine Maitland
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"Fran Segall" <> wrote
In searching the new Mt. Zion Cemetery database, I find 101 names listed
with the society as "Desfardin". One of them is a Hannah STRICK, who
may be my ggrandmother. I've never before heard the name/word
Desfardin, and Googling it turns up nothing useful, nor does a search of
the JewishGen web site.

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