Re: Records for Prisoner in Philadelphia in 1914 #general

L. Altman <familysearch@...>

Prison records are public records. They can be found in several places:
1) the local court where the paperwork went through - there may or may not
have been a trial. Could be city or county court most likely although it
could have been state as well.
2) PA archives. I bet they have records on microfilm somewhere. Their
digital archives can be found at
3) Local newspapers - I bet even in a large city like Philadelphia, bigamy
will make the news. Try LDS may have some
too. Possibly ProQuest.
4) Local law libraries, you have to know the court and session. If you are
nice to the librarian they will usually help you.

Linda Altman

My great-great-uncle spent 6 months in prison for bigamy. At the time
he was living in Philadelphia. He was relased circa 12 April 1914.
Does anyone know if it's possible to access this record? Would he
have been in a jail, a prison, a penitentary?

Sincerely, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

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