ULLMANN from Driesen, Devon and Australia {was Driesen} #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Anne Muir of Brisbane asks where or how to find out information on a place
called Driesen in the Empire of Germany during the period 1835+? She discovered
on obtaining naturalisation information >from the PRO UK that two of her
ancestors, William and Solomon ULLMANN came >from there before moving to the UK

In my previous posting I mentioned the two different census entries of Solomon
{England in 1881 and 1891}.

I have just checked the place name *Driesen* on Yad Vashem - there are 64 named
victims born in Driesen -all were living Germany and of these 64 victims -
there is also an ULLMANN family with PoTs submitted by a brother and a sister -
the latter writes about Driesen "damals [then] Deutschland jetzt [now] Polen;

Adolf ULLMANN was born in Driesen, Germany in 1867 to Markus and Pauline nee
HAMBURGER. He was married to Katharina nee NATHANSON [daughter of Jacques
NATHANSON and Ida nee PINCUS}. Adolf perished in 1943 in Treblinka at the age of
75. Page of Testimony submitted on 17/04/1999 by his son >from Israel. Hans
Markus ULLMANN [tel number is given]. Hans Markus also writes a POT for his
aunt, Minna, dob 16.8.1864. His sister, Chana Ida Kresch? ne ULLMANN >from
Jerusalem has contributed PoTs for both her parents and many other family members

Katharina Ullmann was born in 1879 it is likely her children are well into their
nineties. I do hope they are still alive as they might have more first-hand
knowledge of Driesen and perhaps they belong to the same ULLMANN family Anne is
researching. Solomon may well have been an uncle/Gt-Uncle of Adolf!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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