Re: Orphanage in Berdichev in 1920 #general

Anita <anitac47@...>

As I answered directly to Irina, it is always limiting to assume on
anything. Although I wish it were otherwise, we are no different than the
world at large. Currently an issue is spousal abuse in the Chassic
community. There are all kinds of substance abuse, infidelities (King David
comes to mind), crime, (Jack Abramoff !) etc. Having traditions doesn't
imply universal adherence to them.

Children could have been put in orphanges for phalanx of reasons: a second
wife didn't want the children; the second wife was not a physically strong
person; the child was wild (ADD/HD is not something new), the child was
dangerous; the adults didn't have enough money to support the child; the
father didn't have a heart....whatever. It might be interesting to trace
down stories (where possible) of what the other members of the family were like.

Anita Citron
Hicksville, NY

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