Re: 1890 New York City Police Census #general

Marty <mdmajor@...>

I'd like to thank all those who have replied with help to my
request. I now have the information I need to proceed with my

I'd also like to say a thank you to all who have posted on this
topic (the 1890 Police Census of NYC) in the past. One of the
first things I did before I wrote my query was to search the
archives. They were a tremendous help.

The archives are a wonderful resource and have helped me on
several occasions with my search.

Thank you again to everyone. This is a great list filled with
kind and helpful people.

Marguerite DeVries Major
Chittenango, NY, USA

Searching DeVRIES, Jacob, Amsterdam, Holland -> New York, NY
KATZ, Julia, Hesse, Germany -> New York, NY
DeVRIES, Julian, NY, NY -> Cleveland, OH -> Phoenix, AZ
DeVRIES, Therese -> Washington DC 1995

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