Seeking descendants of Louis and Hannah KORN #general

Sharon R. Korn <s.r.korn@...>

My husband's great-grandparents, Louis and Hannah KORN, immigrated >from in
or near Vienna (Wien), Austria to Manhattan in approximately 1873. He died
in 1887 and she died in 1907. They had a son Peter and 6 daughters,
Elizabeth, Anne, Ida, and Rosie, born approximately 1866 to 1873 in Austria,
and Polly and Mamie, born approximately 1876 and 1878 in Manhattan.
Elizabeth, who was known as Betsy, later Lizzie, married a man with the
surname WALTERS. She was widowed at a young age and may have lived in the
Bronx and taken in roomers. Since she lived for a time with her brother's
family, I doubt that she had children. I do not know the other sisters'
married names or even whether they married. I have information on the son
Peter and his descendants (most of whom I know or have known personally).
If anyone has any information about the daughters and their families or
about Louis and Hannah's siblings and/or parents, please contact me

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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