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Dear Genners,

first of all please apologize this message by an absolutely unknown
stranger. But please be also sure that this is no spam, advertisement or
anything similar. Nevertheless you should read this to the end because it
might be, we`re relatives! If you mean I am still an unknown stranger after
reading this message, just kick it into the dustbin ;-)

My name is Philip and I live in Bonn/Germany. I try to get in contact to
"the lost (jewish) part" of my family in the U.S. since the year 2000 -
until now unfortunally without succes. But the years of researching the
ancestors brang some more informations about the LIPKOVITS-family, than I
had before!

from my point of view the central and beginning person is my

Bernat Abram Lipkovits,

born 1870 in Hungary (I think it has been in Kosice, which is part of
slovakia now and has been called Kassa [or in german: Kaschau] before), died
05.08.1905 in Berlin/Germany.

His parents have been

Isaak LIPKOVITS and Hani FRIEDMANN >from Hungary.

Bernat Abram has been the owner of a trading company for good wines and
liqueurs in Berlin. He has been married to Klara GRINDEL (she`s been not
Jewish, what is the reason wyh we all are not Jewish today).

They had three daughters:

Lipkovics, Irma (my grandmum !), * Berlin/Germany 13.08.1899, +
Marburg/Germany 23.09.1972
oo Johannes KLEIN, + Marburg/Germany 1973

Lipkovics, Edith, * Berlin/Germany 1900, + Greece 1986(?)
oo Dr. Alexander WAMWETZOS, * Greece

Lipkovics, Margot, * Berlin/Germany 1902, + Greece 1985

My grandmum spend some time >from 1923 to 1926 in the U.S. for working as an
english teacher and for visiting the family. After about 1930 the contact to
the amrican part of the family broke down, I don`t know why. But I`ve got a
photo-album here about the time of my grandmum in the U.S. with some of the
following people being photographed.

Some of the brothers and sisters of Bernat Abram emigrated to the U.S.
arround the turn of the 19th / 20th century and in the early years of the
20th century. It`s been - as far as I know by now - the following people:

LIPKOWITZ, Jacob * Hungary 1872, + New York 1920 - 1930
oo Tini JAKOBSON, * Hungary 1875

My mum told me that my grandmum often told stories about "uncle Jake". He
and Tinnie had the following children:

Lipkowitz, Ruth * New York 1902

Lipkowitz, Hattie * New York 1903

Lipkowitz, Arthur * New York 1908

There has been at least one sister who emigrated to the U.S.

Lipkovits, Mollie, * Hungary 1876
oo Jacob WEISS

As it seems, Jacob Weiss has been the first adress for all the Lipkovits`in
New York coming in >from Europe. In 1923 his adress has been 185 Lexington Ave.,
New York

According to the stories I heard, Jacob Weiss has been "uncle Jacob" as my
grandmum has called him.

Children of Mollie Lipkovits and Jacob Weiss:

WEISS, Henrietta, * New York 1898

WEISS, Sadie, * New York 1900
oo (?) KRAMER

daughter of them: KRAMER, Regina, * New York 1921

WEISS, Milton, Boxer, * New York 1902

WEISS, Jeanette, * New York 1904

WEISS, Rose S., * New York 1909(?)

One further brother of Bernat Abram emigrating to the U.S. has been

LIPKOVITS, Josef, Insurance Agent, * Hungary 1882
oo Fannie * 1885

Children of Josef and Fannie Lipkovits:

LIPKOVITS, Helen, * Conneticut 1909

LIPKOVITS, Ruth, * New York 1911

LIPKOVITS, Gertrude, * New York 1914

LIPKOVITS, Irving, * Conneticut 1915

LIPKOVITS, Frank, * Conneticut 1918

And there have been the following people:

LIPKOWITZ, Moses, * Hungary 1886
LIPKOVITZ, Mov (?), * Hungary
LIPKOVITS, Hani (?), * Hungary

Please note that the last three people are not confirmed to be ancestors of
"my" Lipkovits - family. They are only suspected to be so.

At the Ellis-Island-Documents you can find a Josef Lipkovits coming
from Tiba/Hungary. He arrived at the US at 21th of May in 1903 at the age of
21 coming >from Hamburg onboard the ship Pennsylvania. According to the ship
manifest his first destination also has been his brother in law Jacob Weiss
in NY. But it might be the he is the same Josef Lipkovits as mentioned

Further "suspect" persons according to the Ellis-Island-documents are the
following people:

Terczia LIPKOVITS >from Kelenfatah/Hungary, arrived at the 5th of September
in 1911 at the age of 31 onboard the ship "Kronprinz Wilhelm" >from Bremen.
Destination: her husband Lorenz Lipkovits, 1 R FD Spaginaw (?)/Mich (?)
With her on board has been her daughter Pauline Lipkovits, six years old.

I don`t know what happened to the part of the family which stayed in Europe
during the war and the shoah, but I presume that most of them have been
mudered by the nazis. I only know about one "uncle Emil" who stayed in
Kosice and has been a professor at one of the universities there after the
war. It seems that he renamed himself into "LANY" or "LANYI" or
"Lipkovits-Lanyi" or anything similar. If you take a look at the yad vashem
database of shoah-victims, there are quite a lot of "Lipkovits" coming >from
Kosice. But as I don´t know anything about this part of the family I´m not
able to say definitely if one of them or even who is one of "my" Lipkovits.

Here in Europe of course are some more family-members than only myself and
there is still contact to the greek part of the family.

So if any of the names before sounds familiar to you or even is one of your
ancestors, please contact me.

Until this I keep
with the warmest regards >from Germany,


Philip Stuehler-Walter

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