Are there immigration documents for all immigrants? #general

Mark and Tamara Shofron


Are there immigration documents recorded for all
immigrants? Would there be documents(circa 1905)
recorded even if a Petition for Naturalization wasn't

My grandmother who arrived here >from Russia in 1905,
became a citzen in 1940 (declaration of intent filed
in 1936). My grandfather died in 1938, never became
naturalized. If he had filed a petition for
naturalization, wouldn't it have included his wife or
was she required to file separately at that time? I
have assumed that since she filed separately, he never
filed. In any event, would there be any documentation
fo my grandfather?

Mark Shofron
Mesa Arizona

MODERATOR NOTE: This subject has been discussed before in this forum.
A good summary can be found in the JewishGen FAQ at
It's always a good idea to check the resources available on the JewishGen
website before asking a question of the group. You may find the answer

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