Louis COHEN [born abt 1795] of London, his family and servants #general

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

re the recent discussion on servants in Jewish
households - I have just come across
(serendipituously) Louis COHEN [merchant] born in the
City of London in 1795 - he has a wife, Floretta
[1811], ten children and five female servants listed
in the 1851 census:

Sons: Henry Louis 1828; Lionel Louis 1832; Alfred
Louis 1837; Nathan Louis 1848; Isaac Louis & Benjamin
Louis [twins?] 1845

Daughters: Adelaide 1831; Julia 1834; Henrietta 1838;
Ellen 1844.

By 1861, his wife has died and he now has four female
servants and a male servant. He and his eldest son
Alfred are stockbrokers.

By 1871 Louis has died but Alfred Louis has continued
the tradition of having many servants. He had a French
wife and a one year old son. The cook was German, the
ladies maid was French - the butler and two other
maids were English. In 1891, Alfred has a wife, three
children as well as a butler, a footman, and ladies
maid, two housemaids, a kitchenmaid and a cook. In
1901 he still had seven servants although the family
had downsized.

Brother Benjamin Louis is not to be out done - in 1881
he also had 7 servants! Henry Louis - also a member
of the stock exchange was married and lived modestly
with only three servants in 1871.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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