Where to deposit German-Jewish personal effects #general

Justin Kirk Houser <jkhouser84@...>

Good evening, list members,

I was talking with a genealogist friend of mine today, aged 86. She said
that her brother-in-law was a German Jewish immigrant to Pennsylvania,
USA. In short, he and his wife had no children and she has inherited some
of his personal effects, letters and some photographs, etc. Apparently,
some of these documents pertain to his father, who was killed by the Nazis,
and other family members in Germany. I believe she said his father was a
doctor >from Freiburg. The name was Pons in this country but it was
shortened >from another surname, which she knows, but I did not write down
in our conversation.

My friend would like to know of any organizations where she might donate
these items so that they would be properly archived, accessible to
researchers and so that this history would be preserved. I do not know the
extent of what she has or its details; I told her that I would ask for
advice >from this group, as I'm sure you will know good places where this
sort of information can be deposited for present and future generations to

Justin K. Houser
Bellefonte, PA USA

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