Naturalization records in Brooklyn need filming! #general

Debra J Wolraich <djwolraich@...>

Dear Genners,
Last month I was researching naturalization records in the basement
record room at the King's County Court House in Brooklyn, NY. The people
there are amazingly helpful. The original records are available as are
copy machines.. Most of the large ledgers are in fairly decent shape,
but must be very carefully handled. Two cabinets, however, are full of
literally disintegrating ledgers. The bindings are hardly holding some
of the books together and the dried leaves crumble when they are touched.
I don't know why these particular ones are in such bad shape. These
records must be repaired and must be filmed! I am very worried about the
handling they might get when we are in New York for the conference, but I
am more worried that there are no funds available to preserve these
precious volumes. While I was there I tried to get information about
filming the records, but the person who was most knowledgeable was
unavailable. If anyone out there knows how to make sure these records
will be preserved so they will be accessible for research, please reply
to this message.

Debra Wolraich
Oklahoma City, OK
Pinsk, Motol, Ivanovo (Yaneve)

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