Help with possible NYC/LI address needed #general


Dear Judi and other Genners,

You know, in Queens [and possibly Brooklyn] our
addresses are written as 98-01 67th Ave, 71-11
Yellowstone Blvd, 63-10 108th St and even 99-12 136th
Ave or 99-12 136th St. It's true that currently
neither of your potential addresses exists but the
addresses tell us their locations, nonetheless.

The first number before the hyphen refers to the
cross-street and the second part numbers the specific
building on the block.

99th St and 136th Ave would have been by Pitkin Ave at
the back of Aqueduct Race Track. I believe this is
Ozone Park or South Ozone Park, although the address
of the race track uses Jamaica, [which might be the
case at the front end of the track].

Alternately, 99th Ave and 136th St would have been
under the Van Wyck Expressway between Libery and
Atlantic Avenues. I think this might be Richmond Hill
although there seems to be a neighborhood between
Richmond Hill and Jamaica called Morris Park, of which
I have never heard.

For streets that have changed names, we can check out
the work of Steve Morse & friends at:
It seems that most all of the streets of South Ozone
Park and Richmond Hill was renamed in the 1920s.

I have tried to find an older Queens map today but
haven't had any luck. A city directory would be very
useful as would the 1930 census. Queens was sparsely
populated and it would be a quick look-up.

In the 1920 Census there were 41 Shapiros in Queens.
There's 1 Abraham Shapiro, a 55 yr old tinsmith from
Russia, with a family including daughter Celia, age 24
in 1920. They live in Corona at West Burnside Ave.
(which I believe became 32nd Ave). Not 136th
unfortunately, but I did see things written in the
margins of the street addresses like 'Walker Ave OR
94th St' and 'Freedom Ave (102nd St)' indicating that
street names changes were common at the time.

In South Ozone Park, there are records for individuals
living on Pressberger Avenue - later to become 134th
(Ave, I suppose) and Brinkmeyer Avenue - later to
become 140th. I think the 136th Ave was a short lived
address - renamed >from Priscilla or Georgia sometime
after 1920 and probably gone by 1950. I could not
find either street, though I did page through 50-60
census sheets for South Ozone Park, Richmond Hill
Circle and Jamaica.

I would also like to point out that the address you
seek could have been a business address and not a

You are in NY and should fare better than I did. It
is quite possible that expansion of the race track
grounds in 1941 or the construction of the Van Wyck
Expressway through eminent domain destroyed the
property which you are seeking. I couldn't use ACRIS
to any avail - the records are too recent, 1960s

Best of luck with your research,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA (a resident of Queens for 29 yrs)

Subject: Help with possible NYC/LI address needed
From: Judith27@...
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 15:37:47 EDT
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Dear JewishGendom,
I recently was told that in the HIAS fond at
the State Lithuanian Archvies there is a record that a
Celia Shapiro sent money in 1925 to a Sura Zurnamer
living in Siauliai.
Neither of these women is known to me, and
trying to find the right Celia Shapiro in America is
proving to be quite challenging...

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