Re: Identification of GGM's Birthplace---Kownati query #belarus

Martin Fischer

Paul Auerbach <> wrote, in part:
I'm having trouble identifying the birthplace of my great grandmother,
and was hoping one of you might be able to help me. The only thing I'm
fairly certain of is that my GGM was born somewhere in Belarus between 1894
1897. According to her Ellis Island passenger record, she was born in
Kownati, Witebsk Gubernia, Russia. I've searched JewishGen's Shtetl
Seeker and other sources extensively, but couldn't find any towns that
like "Kownati" in the Witebsk (Vitebsk) Gubernia.
He also wrote:
Finally, my father thinks my GGM was born in Pinsk, Belarus.
I don't know if this helps much, but a search for Kownati on the Expedia map
Web site at
brings up:

Konyatin, Chernihiv, Ukraine


Kovnyatin, Brest, Belarus

The latter may be of much greater interest because of your father's
reference to Pinsk, which is located only about 10 or 15 miles directly
south of Kovnyatin!

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, Illinois

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