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Hello Fellow Researchers!

I can't believe that there isn't at least one person out there that
has the information I need to put this issue to rest:

Jaeger, Bedrich (Friedrich)
(This is my biological father)
DOB July 26, 1894
Arrived in Theresienstad September 4, 1942
Died in Maly Trostinec September 8, 1942

Jaeger, Oskar DOB November 30, 1896
Arrived in Theresienstadt July 2, 1942
Died in Osvetim September 28, 1944 (Shot)
There were two small children 7 & 9 -Same Name -
they died on the same day.

I am looking for any and all information, (I have nothing, except what
the Czech Republic was kind enough to send me,) i.e. Place of Birth,
Occupation, (we think he was a Rabbi), when and where he married my
mother Adele Becher (Becherova= Czech), perhaps in Bruck/Leita,
Austria...we don't know!

I am trying to find family, perhaps brothers and sisters...

We also know that he was a member of the Jewish underground.

Please help if you can! I have (and will) do the same whenever I can!

Thank you!
Rudolf Kies, PH.D.

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