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Shelley K. Pollero

Laja Rifka Thomas wrote:

Is anybody out there >from Rakow Polen? I can not
believe nobosy has heard of Rakow? My mother Blima
Cymbalista, came >from a large family, did anybody
maybe have heard of her? Her parents, my grandparents,
were Moshe and Rifka Cymbalista. Moshe was much older
then Rifka she was his second wife.
There is a town named Rakow in Galicia, in the district of Dolina. It is
now in Western Ukraine, west of Stanislawow (now Ivano Frankivsk).

There are many Cymbalista (also Tzimbalista) pages of testimony listed on
the Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, including the one
that Laja Rifka Thomas submitted for her grandfather Moshe. There are 15
pages of lists of pages of testimony for these names in various parts of
Poland and elsewhere.

In Moshe's Page of Testimony, there were several place names mentioned:
Place of death Rakow, born in Rokow (in the Wadowice district of Galicia),
and permanent resident of Rakow Les, Kamien Koszyrski, Polesie,Poland (?).

Rakow and Rokow are two different towns, but both were in Galicia. Maybe
someone else knows where Rakow Les, Kamien Koszyrski is located.

I will send my message to Galicia researchers privately to Laja Rifka Thomas
and to anyone else who would like it. I also have a message to general
Poland researchers. Contact me at

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