Thanks for the wonderful help with possible NYC/LI address #general


Dear JewishGendom,
Thank you so much for all of your advice and help with the
possible NYC/LI address I was working on.
The consensus seems to be that this address I quoted of
"9912-136th Avenue, Long Island" would probably have been in the
area of Queens that is now part of Aqueduct Raceway and may no longer
exist as a street.
Please realize that I was quoting the address exactly as I
received it which was "9912-136th Avenue" and that I am well aware
that currently this address would be written as 99-12 136th Avenue.
However, styles of writing an address can change between 1925 and now,
and either way it is written, this address still did not show up in any
of the search engines I tried -- and I tried more than one way of
writing the address.
I have tried searching for this Celia Shapiro on the 1930
Census, but no Celia Shapiro shows up as living in Queens on Ancestry's
Everyname index to the 1930 Census. When next I am at NARA-NE I will
try searching for this Queens address on 136th Avenue on the 1930
census by using the microfilm index reel which contains addresses in
major cities including Queens.
I will also try searching to see what Shapiros might be
listed as living at this 136th Avenue address via the Queens City
Directories and Queens early telephone books at the NYPL or at the LI
Division of the Queens Library. And while there, I will also try
searching for older Queens maps that might show where this street once
Todah rabah,
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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Dear JewishGendom,
I recently was told that in the HIAS fond at the State
Lithuanian Archives there is a record that a Celia Shapiro sent money
in 1925 to a Sura Zurnamer living in Siauliai.
Neither of these women is known to me, and trying to find the
right Celia Shapiro in America is proving to be quite challenging.
I have tried typing in the address I received of "9912-136th
Ave, Long Island" into several online mapping sites such as Mapquest
using the street address plus several alternative place locations such
as a generic Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island, as well as specific
place names which might have a 136th Ave such as Jamaica, Rosedale,
Laurelton, and even Long Island City. But nothing seems to work.
Is anyone familiar with an address of 9912-136th Ave somewhere
on Long Island and can suggest where it might be now???
Todah rabah,
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan
Long Beach, NY

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