Need help with addresses for German reparations #general

Rita Margolies <b4kids@...>

My mother-in-law, a Holocaust survivor, died a few weeks ago. She
received monthly reparations checks >from Germany.
First we cannot figure out where to return the checks no that she has
died. We have tried contacting the return addresses on the envelopes to
change the address since we moved her >from Fla. to Seattle for care, but
that has not resulted in any response in the last two months. The checks are
still going to Florida and we have gotten no other kind of response. Is this
Second, my mother in law has told my husband repeatedly that because
he was born in Germany (after the war though) that he is eligible to receive
some of the payments. We have his original Bergen Belsen birth certificate.
How do we approach this?
The question is this: Is there anyone out there who is knowledgeable
about these payments that could help us make contact with these offices so
that we get a reply? I have found a list of different offices in Germany
that deal with reparations. Would my husband's claim go to a different
place? Is there anything else we need to know? TIA. Please reply privately.
Rita Margolies, Redmond WA

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